Friday, February 15, 2008

The Boat

For only two dollars, The Boat, affiliated with, The Bus, will take you from downtown Honolulu (Waikiki) to Barber's Point at Kapolei in just one hour. You get a scenic trip down Oahu's south shore. The Boat provides free wifi service. You can stand outside in the fresh air, or sit inside at a table and watch the view through the windows.

The schedule is set for three morning runs and three afternoon runs from Kapolei to Waikiki. The design is to help the commuters more more easily by taking traffic off the over crowded roads and putting it on the sea. One way fare is two dollars. You may catch The Bus and ride it to the boat destination points. When you get on The Bus, ask for a transfer and use it to get on The Boat.

Take your camera along -- and maybe some Dramamine -- and enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Our family happened upon "The Boat" quite by happenstance. I believe this service is the best kept secret on Oahu, and should be agressively advertised and marketed. What a fine initiative to take commuters off the highways and reduce congestion. We hope The Boat future success and look forward to using it again soon.

Pacific Quilly said...

Anonymous -- I did a bit of advertising and marketing for them right here!

Ben said...

Do you know if this service is still available?


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