Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Moving to Hawaii? Read This!

Matson did NOT solicit this testimonial and it is NOT a paid advertisement.

Moving is stressful. Pack it. Lift it. Carry it. Haul it. Remember which box it is in. Don't lose it. Don't break it. Savoring a new adventure is difficult when one is encumbered with stuff. That's why for my move to Hawaii I only kept my very best and more precious, or priceless possessions. Much of my stuff (clothing, books, photographs) I entrusted to the U.S. Postal Service and they did a fine job, however, they couldn't move my car.

I did an online search. The search engine presented me with several companies offering vehicle shipping. Only a handful would ship to Hawaii. I researched each of them and ended up choosing, West Point Relocation. They charged me $1295.00 to ship my car from the port in Seattle, WA to the Sand Island Terminal on Oahu. I was told it would take 25 days. It took 18.

The folks at West Point Relocation happily took my money over the phone (debit card) and gave me a delivery window for getting my car to the port in Seattle. They said they would send me an email with driving instructions. I never received it. I called them and told them it hadn't arrived. They apologized but did not resend. Nor did they give me several bits of crucial information -- like the fact that they weren't actually the ones shipping my car.

They did give me a street address for delivering my car, but the Seattle port businesses have dock numbers on their gates rather then street numbers, so I called West Point Relocation for more precise directions. They aren't actually in Seattle. The fellow on the phone had no idea what the dock number was. It took three phone calls (they hung up on me twice after keeping me on hold for over 15 minutes both times), semi-hysteria and tears before I was finally given the information that WPR doesn't actually move stuff, they just broker the moves. Finally they suggested I look for a Matson sign. That was the last time we spoke. WPR never even bothered to check to see if the move went well.

When I arrived at Matson -- near the end of my delivery window time -- the guard at the gate took one look at my tear stained face and greeted me with concern and care. The receptionist inside was just as wonderful -- even after she learned that I didn't have the invoice WPR should have emailed me, nor had I followed the preparation directions which I'd never received. Though it required more work on her part, she cheerfully looked up and printed the necessary papers, then helped me fill them out. The gate guard helped me gather my things from my car. (Nothing may be left inside. I had to empty the glove box and remove the cross hanging from my rear-view mirror.)

By the time I found the Matson office, I had lost all confidence in WPR, but the folks at Matson made me feel as though my car was safe. They even called a taxi for me and told me what directions to give the driver to ensure the shortest route to the airport.

The Matson staff in Hawaii was just as efficient and friendly when I collected my car. Not only that, I learned that had I dealt directly through them, and not used WPR, it would have only cost $975.00 to ship my car. Plus, about three days after I collected my car, someone from Matson called and asked if I was satisfied with their service.

Yes, as a matter of fact I was! The next time I have to move anything across the Pacific, I am calling Matson, first!


I Dive At Night said...

Hey Blue, I didn't realize there were so many potential revenue streams from blogging! :-P

tsduff said...

Well, glad that nightmare is over! You live and you learn. :)

Hmmm, wonder it Matson ships to Iceland?

Pacific Blue said...

Morgan -- don't get too excited. This week I have earned $3.00

Terry -- check the website and see. Matson sent me a lovely email thanking me for this post.

Hawaii is Home said...

Oh man what an ordeal, i'm moving at the end of the year, i will definitely check them out as i prepare to make arrangements.

Cory said...

I just returned to Hawaii from the mainland after living on the East Coast for almost 8 years.

Instead of shipping from Newport News, VA for $2000+, I drove cross-country to Los Angeles, CA and shipped my car for $1077.00 from Long Beach, CA. I used Horizon Lines (shipmyvehicle.com). They did a great job at getting my vehicle from Long Beach, CA to Honolulu, HI in just 10 days.

It was supposed to be 11 days, but they called me a day early to let me know my car arrived and was ready for pick up.

It was shipped in a sealed container, so it was protected from the elements. It had zero damage and was in the same exact condition as it was when I dropped it off at Long Beach.

Just my personal story. Take it as you will. Horizon Lines did a fine job.

Ona said...

Sorry, this isn't about a car but I really need information. I'm a disabled senior citizen living on the mainland. I'm currently an icicle. The older I get the less I am able to tolerate this cold.

Can any of you please send me information on subsidized housing for seniors on any of the islands?

Also would love to learn about the acceptable behaviors in Hawaii. Wouldn't want to upset or hurt anyone.

I am a data processor so would be willing to exchange computer work for partial rent or babysitting or pet sitting, etc. for same. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Sarah Leicht said...

how much did your fed-ex boxes cost? i'm moving from the midwest and am wondering if it is cheaper to check a second bag for $50 each, or just ship my stuff fed-ex? thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Matson is an honest company. They helped us there and back again.

Janey said...

I'm planning on moving to Honolulu soon, so I'm glad that I decided to stop and read this ;) I definitely need to find a Honolulu mover that can help me once I get there. How much will it cost to fly my boxes there, and is there a cheaper way of doing that part?

Rathore said...

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