Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Exotic Fruit

Scientists call it Carambola. To the rest of us it is known as Star Fruit, and it is easy to see why. Star Fruit is sweet, yet tart and very crisp in texture. It ripens from green to yellow, but can be eaten in either state.

Star Fruit came to Hawaii by way of Asia. People grow the fruit trees in their yards for both food and ornamental purposes. If you would like a star fruit tree, they also grow well in containers. Buy yourself a star fruit, plant the seeds and there you are.

Star fruit trees do not like being too wet, but they also don't like being too dry. They are a subtropical plant and they don't mind cool nights, but even a light frost will kill them.

Because they are members of the family Oxalidaceae, and therefore a source of oxalic acid, Star Fruit should be eaten in moderation. Persons with kidney disorders should not eat them at all.

They do make a lovely garnish, however. And if you're in good health, a star fruit every now and then will do you no harm.


Melli said...

Oh, and they are YUMMY! But EXPENSIVE here on the mainland! Maybe I should grow one!

Anonymous said...

Hey, you a good blog here, really like the posts about eatable stuff...
Anyway, on the life thing... though awaiting future, definitely not leaving the present to fend for itself... Creating, changing, improving... all for the better!!!

quilly-cooks said...

Melli -- I understand that they flower 2 to 3 times per year, even in the house, and a house tree might produce 3-4 fruits at each blossoming. Also that the more loamy the soil, the sweeter the fruit.

If you decide to grow one yourself, the seeds need to be planted as soon as you take them from the plant because they only stay viable a couple of days once removed from the star fruit.

Praful HBK -- that's good to hear. So many folks just wait and do nothing to improve themselves or their world as they wait.

Nea said...

haha, NOW you tell me, we just bought two of them, and I only have one kidney, so I don't eat anything with oxalic or tanins.....oh well, I only had one or two tiny stars....the kids ate the rest......

Anonymous said...

are you serious
my mom in two days she has eaten about 18 of them plus
we have two boxes loaded with that fruit man my mom has only one kidney they really need to put some labels on that fruit LOLZ

Anonymous said...

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