Sunday, December 9, 2007

Backyard Hawaii

I took these photos right outside the door of our third floor condo. The mango tree is the only view out our second bedroom window (that room always smells mango fresh). The peacocks feast on the fruit -- and here in the complex they have plenty of choices, including Starfruit and guava.


Nea said...

Everything seems so are turly living in a wondorous place. I love peacocks, I don't even mind the noises they make. The neighbor at my place in Louisiana had several and they would come over to visit. I got so used to them, that now I miss them.

Well I have been on your blog for about an hour catching up a bit. It is really a nice place to visit, but then it always is........night nite....

Pacific Quilly said...

Everything here is exotic! Coconut, mango, star fruit, papaya, bread fruit, bananas, tangerines -- all grow on this complex! Since I've been here I've seen mongeese, peacocks, Brazilian Cardinals, Japanese White Eyes, a wax bill, a red vented bulbul and a whale! (OBviously not in the same place I saw the birds!)


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