Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Santa Visits Honolulu Hale Fountain

That fur suit is a killer in 80F heat. Santa stopped by the fountain at Honolulu Hale to cool off.

Mrs. Santa came along for the ride.
Would you stay at the North Pole if your partner was visiting Hawaii?

Of course, with as much military as there is on this island,
you can't land a flea without folks noticing,
so jeeps rolled and emergency plans were dusted off ...

And Santa proved that rather then being a haole,
he's Kama'aina by greeting them with the traditional Hawaiian shaka,
or aloha wave.


Melli said...

IF I were married to Santa, I would CERTAINLY come along to dip my toes in the fountain!!! I am wondering though why she hasn't had her hands and feet "done" for the occasion! Even I am sporting pretty red polish for the holidays!!!

I Dive At Night said...

Santa's cool.

I hear he's even started delivering flatscreens!

quilly said...

Melli -- maybe Mrs. Santa is all natural!

Morgan -- got one at my place!


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