Saturday, September 29, 2007

Hawaiian Rain

Oahu often has her head in the clouds, which cling to her cliffs and slowly dissolve, dropping rain into the valleys below.

This is the view from Nu'uanu Pali (pali means cliff) looking northwest. The sun was shining bright on me and the town of Kaneohe as I took this picture but one ridge over it was raining on Ahuimanu. It is not unusual here to be in one place while watching a whole different weather phenomenom in another.

However, the rain is usually soft and warm, and it seldom lasts long. Then after the rain passes the air smells fresh, earthy and flower sweet. Some places on Oahu get 125 inches of rain per year while others get no more then 25 inches of rain per year. Those spots receiving only 25 inches of rain per year are considered "dry".

On an average day the temperature stays right around 80 degrees Fahrenheit while the humidity varies from between 70 to 100%. On some days it doesn't seem to matter which side of the shoreline I stand on because no matter where I go, I'm still under water. However, having just moved here from Las Vegas, Nevada, it will likely be a very long time before I complain about the rain.



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