Thursday, September 27, 2007

Shower Tree

As I said before, much of the flora on Oahu is breathtaking. The Shower Tree is three of my favorites. (Don't get out your grammar checker, I wrote that correctly -- mostly.)

The Golden Shower Tree, [Cassia fistula], came to Hawaii via Indonesia. It produces huge clusters of bright yellow flowers. It is vibrant and captivating.

Pink Shower Tree [Cassia javanica], sometimes called the Coral Shower Tree, also came from Indonesia. This tree produces blossom clusters of soft pink to bright white flowers. It is an elegant and stately tree.

Rainbow Shower Tree [Cassia fistula x C. javanica], a sterile hybrid, originated in Hawaii from the cross pollination of it's Asian ancestors, Golden Shower Tree and Pink Shower Tree. The Rainbow Tree is bright, beautiful and elegant. It's blossoms range in hue from deep pink, to soft yellow, to snowy white.


Brian said...

I have no problem linking this blog. :)

Pacific Blue said...

Thank you, Brian. I could happily shower you in Shower Tree blossoms -- even though OC says they get their name from the showers of seeds they drop.


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