Monday, March 17, 2008

Music For the Wait

Transportation is more of an issue on this island than one might think. At certain times of the day it could take over two hours to travel from one end of the island to the other. Some of those times are predictable, others aren't. For instance, a traffic accident with a fatality can close a road four 3-5 hours. That's bad because there are precious few roads to choose from in the first place, and in many parts of the island there is only one main road, period.

We are a one car couple. Usually that doesn't matter because the island has an excellent bus system (although schedules are effected by heavy traffic). However, sometimes it matters a lot that there is only one car. The other day OC and I both had appointments that required the car to keep. Luckily they were not at the same time so the car was packed with OC's band equipment, but he took the bus to work. After my appointment I drove to town and picked him up for music practice.

Now, I could have gotten on the bus and gone home, but at that hour of the night the buses would have been crowded and slow, so OC and I still would have arrived home about the same time -- and I wouldn't have gotten taken out to dinner.

Instead, I sat through his Oahu Community Orchestra practice.

Two Hours on a Bench: Scribbles As I Wait

Inside the Door

Brass, strings, woodwinds,
Follow the conductor,
Building music note by note.


Outside the Door

Alone I sit in a pool of light,
Night surrounds me,
A soft wind sighs.

Inside the conductor lifts his baton,
The orchestra plays,
And Trumpet Man blows his horn.



Inside music rises and falls,
starts and
Measures are played,
and played again,
and played again.
Outside the sun sinks pink,
flares and
My thoughts compose,
lines on paper,
lines on paper.



flutes skip,
trumpets cheer,
trombones stomp,
tubas plod,
tambourines shimmer,
violins hum,
drums bound,
sounds merge
music is made

~* * *~


Outside the music room,
The geckos and I listen;
Me on a bench,
Them on the ceiling.




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