Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Wet Diversity

As I've said, I adore Hawaii.

Here one can stand in the sunshine and the rain at the same time. I took this photo the other day at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. You can see the rain falling and the sun shining on the green leaves and the building beyond.

I took this picture from our lanai just before sunset on January 1st. You can actually see the rays of sunshine competing with the rain. I stepped outside and held out my hands. Rain fell into my right hand. My left hand remained dry. I was standing half in and half out of the rain shower. That is not an uncommon phenomena here in the Rainbow State — where liquid sunshine falls almost every day of the year.

The rain is warm and soft. Even so, we carry umbrellas with us every where we go. In a state with an almost constant humidity level of 80% or higher, once one’s clothing gets wet it tends to stay wet all day — and in air conditioned buildings that can get a bit uncomfortable.

Oh, and that sunset photo?

Did I mention that I adore Hawaii?

1 Comment:

Nea said...

I love the humidity, I know that it has a few drawbacks, but I love plants and the plants that I love, mostly love humidity. Oh there are a few that couldn't handle it, but by far, it would solve my lack of water problems if it rained here everyday, even every other day....

I know that I won't ever be living in Hawaii, but I know that if I were to, I would love it also...


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