Saturday, January 26, 2008


It is not unusual to be driving the highways or freeways on Oahu and see roadside shrines. Crosses adorned with photographs, ribbons, fresh flowers, and sometimes even teddy bears adorn the sides of the roadways and the shores near the edge of the beach.

When I traveled to the makai end of Piliokahi Avenue in Nanakuli I was not surprised to find a cross. I was however very surprised at the size of the cross, so I started asking questions. I was told that a Nanakuli church sometimes holds their services here. I must say, I have never seen a more beautiful sanctuary.


J. D. said...

Dear Quilly.....How extraordinary! Your camera is always pointed at things I love to look at. In the last three days, you've shown three of my top ten favourites...trees, water and skylines. Thanks for a peek through your lens...your friend, Jude

Pacific Quilly said...

Judy, here in Hawaii it is difficult not to find something interesting to photograph!

Anonymous said...


I saw your picture of the cross at the edge of the reef. This cross was put their in memory of my Uncle Bla Williams. If you walk up to the cross his name is actually engraved in the rocks. And his house is right their on that corner and that beach is a very well known beach which we know it as Keaulana's.


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