Saturday, November 3, 2007

Local Flavor

Every Saturday morning the aroma drifts into my home from the neighbor's place. It's almost enough to make me want to go knock on their door and invite myself to breakfast. Fortunately, for the sake of my pride, I always keep a chub of Portuguese Brand Sausage in the freezer so that if my will power deserts me I don't have to go begging.

Despite its name, Portuguese Brand Sausage is made in Hawaii. It is also on the menu of many of the local restaurants, but don't get it in the restaurant. They'll only serve you three or four little slices. Go to the grocery store and pay about a $1.25 for a 5 ounce chub.

Portuguese Brand Sausage comes fully cooked with spicy ratings from mild, to medium, to hot. I buy the hot sausage because I have found that Hawaiian spices are much more mild then Mexican spices -- however, that doesn't mean their foods lack flavor or savor.

Try it. If you can't find any in your local supermarket pop on over to Hawaii and check the meat counter in most any store. It's certain to be on the shelf.

Btw, this is NOT a paid advertisement.


IntricateGirl said...

Ouch!! The nutritional info says there isn't any nutrition to be found.

Pacific Blue said...

Hmmm, protein, 7 grams; calcium and iron both 4%. As for one serving offering a full day's compliment of fat -- I did say it was sausage, did I not?

Nea said...

hmmmmmmm I love sausage, and this sounds good. That is the one thing that I love about visiting a new place, trying out something new to eat. There are so many different ways to make sausage, all good.....

Pacific Quilly said...

Sunday mornings the neighbors cook this stuff -- it used to drive me crazy smelling it until I figured out what it is. Now we cook it on Sundays, too!


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