Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Airfare to Oahu

You want low air fare to Hawaii? Don't wait for the last minute. Make your plans well in advance. Another little trick: use the online discount sites like Travelocity and Expedia, but call the airlines directly themselves -- especially if you're not buying a package. Remember, those online sites have to make money, too. They charge a markup above and beyond what the airline is really selling that seat for. Try a little wheeling and dealing on your own, you just might save some money.

To ensure the cheapest airfares,always plan your trip so that your departure and return are both on weekdays -- Monday thru Thursday. Friday, Saturday and Sunday are the most expensive travel days so try to avoid them. Holiday flights are always more expensive.

Honolulu Airport (HNL)was not built to service the volume of traffic it receives, but even so they have a pretty smooth system. There are courtesy vans to and from a very large variety of services and destinations on the island. Each courtesy van has assigned "stops" that are very well marked outside the terminal. The city bus also services the airport, although large bags/suitcases are not allowed on board.

The airport is extensive, so there may be quite a walk between the arrivals gate, baggage claim and transportation. Wear comfortable shoes or make advance arrangements for assistance.


Nea said...

Mom always wanted to go to Hawaii, she was like me, wanted to see the flowers. but she couldn't go alone, she just isn't the type to travel by air alone. And the people she went with all they wanted to do was shop, eat and party. It was very discourgaing for Mom not to be able to spend the time she wanted to just walk around and see the flowers. I guess at the time she went I wasn't able to go, I don't remember why I didn't with her. Maybe I wasnt' asked, haha

Pacific Quilly said...

I was always pretty certain I would never be able to afford to visit Hawaii -- and now I live here! Sometimes it boggles my mind how quickly my life changed. In this moments when the wonder of it all just about overwhelms me I stop and say, "Thank you." God is good.


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