Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Makaha Peacocks

If you decide to visit Oahu and want to stay where life is quiet and slow -- some place with less glitz and glitter and a more mellow pace -- you'll want to look at the Makaha Valley Plantation, or The Makaha Valley Towers. The area is home to several flocks of peafowl who add their beauty to an already majestic landscape.

Theis photo op came my way when I was driving in Makaha. I slammed on my brakes and grabbed my camera -- right there, stopped dead, in the middle of the road. I snapped a half-dozen pics. A car approached. I had to move. No choice. The opportunity of a lifetime thwarted by some fool who wanted to drive on the road. Some people are so nervy!

(Look closely at the photo above. See the drop of water hanging from the peacock's beak?)

I hurriedly parked my car in a space beside the mail kiosk, and bailed out to discover -- the peacock still preening. A light rain was falling and it was obvious that he was engaged in grooming. In fact, he was so engaged he let me get closer than I would have dared hope! (Don't tell O'Ceallaigh. He keeps insisting that they are wild animals and that I need to be careful.)

When the peacock did notice my presence, he favored me with his mating call and fluffed a bit. He stayed and posed and postured through 351 photos. I have no idea how many shots my media card will hold, but I do know that is the greatest amount of photos I've ever taken in one session. Because my camera is a cheap point and shoot, because it was a gray rainy day, because the peacock was never still, most of the photos did not come out well. These are the best of the lot.



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